Mundo Unico Mens Underwear: The Gangster of Men’s Fashion

Mundo Unico might not be the most common name you hear when thinking about Wholesale Bikini high quality men’s underwear, and that’s a real shame. When it comes to flair, you have got to think about Unico-and that’s the real problem, because people in America, especially, are not too enthusiastic about buying a fashionable pair of underwear, only a comfortable one. Why not have both?

Mundo Unico is based in Columbia and was developed by Nicolas Echeverri. Who cares, right? Well, it should be a household name because it is known for its « firsts »: first to use bold colors and patterns with boxers, first to eliminate seams in the underwear for a smoother feel and more comfort, and the first to introduce lycra as a fabric for men’s underwear.

Mundo Unico is the original gangster of men’s fashion when it comes to underwear, and they’ve earned that title by inspiring other men’s underwear companies to also use bold colors, bold patterns, lycra, and minimal to no seams in their products. If you may not have known Unico the name, but because so many companies have mimicked their style, you have seen it everywhere before, so why not own an original?

If you want to feel comfortable and still be deemed different and fashionable, Unico is the brand for you today, yesterday, and tomorrow! Screaming metro sexual, the flair this underwear has is its signature, and, again, many other underwear companies have recreated that original « Unico » look in their boxer-briefs. They remind us that underwear can still be fashionable. Why look hip around the hips, though, if you’re just going to, hopefully, cover up your briefs with a pair of pants?

Fashion is meant to be seen, and in this day in age, looking good for your partner is just as inspiring and confidence-building as looking good for yourself. Fashion does not end when the lights go out and things get intimate; the brand also reminds us that fashion can be intimate.